A list…at 3am.

At 3am I am awake.  Wide awake.  At 4:20am my alarm will go off, prodding me out of my subconscious and inevitably awakening whomever is lying beside me (in our home, that could be two of our three kids, the dog, or, occasionally, even my husband).  But at 3am, I am awake, crafting a list…a list of the potential writing territories for today that will not threaten to rock me out of my world and leave me contemplating history, the future and my purpose in this life.  A list of “easy” things to write about that will roll effortlessly out of my head, through my fingertips and onto the screen with minimal soul searching.

  1. Guitar.  I love my guitar, even though I cannot play an F chord or a B chord or really any chord that requires my small, untrained hands to bar anything.  But I love my guitar and I love the simplicity of sinking into music that I am creating and, for a few moments, I can be the rock star that I was always meant to be.
  2. Yoga. Just writing it makes me breathe easier.
  3. Walking.  Even with my dog, who barks at everyone and everything, pulling me out into traffic to chase the passing cars and forcing me to be ultra-vigilant about passing runners, cyclists, and, his favorite, motorcycles.
  4. Warm fires.
  5. Easy friends.
  6. Understanding that transcends words…

(Crap.  I have found myself circling back around to the things that make me question and contemplate.)


5 thoughts on “A list…at 3am.

  1. I had a three a.m. wakeup myself this morning, and thus was driven to read your post! Sounds like you made great use of the wide-awake feeling. I see future slices!! I want to read more on all of the above!

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  2. This sounds so much like husband – he is an early riser! Some days writing about the “easy” things turns into something contemplative, doesn’t it! Love your list, and hopefully, it will inspire some other posts.

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