Recovering from Professional Development

A day of PD.

A day of listening to people tell me all that I don’t know.

A day that portens to help, to teach, to develop.

A day that has made me question my abilities & my instincts.

Today has left me ruminating about my place in this institution.

Today has beaten me; I am waving my proverbial white flag.

Today, words fail me.


10 thoughts on “Recovering from Professional Development

    1. So much… training in pedagogy I have been working on for years, but no validation. No acknowledgement. And then introduction to a new approach to our district’s insidious problems with equity & inclusion…but no plans to address some of the very big elephants in the room. No surprises, but I made the mistake of having expectations


  1. I am so glad I read your post tonight. I am struggling with the same issues and my post today is about an upcoming PD that I am dreading. It’s the no validation/acknowledgement that is so hurtful. The training in pedagogy that you’ve been working on for years- and no nod towards you and your efforts. I feel that way too. It is so demeaning and hurtful. I wish I had answers but I don’t. I am really sorry about your day. I am glad you wrote and shared here.

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  2. Your PD was tough and created some negative emotions. In my mind PD should be uplifting and inspiring. I wish you resilience. Take care of yourself.

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  3. This is disheartening. As Terje said, PD should be inspiring and uplifting. Hopefully after things have settled, you will see some positives from the day.

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  4. As others have said PD should leave you excited and ready to continue to build on what you already know and do. So sorry that you are feeling so frustrated. I have seen that with lots of the teacher I am currently working with. Take care and find something to inspire you this weekend. Hang in there!

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  5. I think this line captures what is true of so much of the PD that teachers have to sit through: “A day of listening to people tell me all that I don’t know.” It sounds like such a disheartening day. I love the way you so clearly convey that emotion in such sparse language.

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