Standing on Shifting Sand

10.  Then 12.  15.  Now 17…although if I stop and click?  Yep.  Over 20.  Posts just keep piling up.  Writing keeps being thrown out into the universe, gobbled up by other writers and some readers who are searching for answers? enlightenment? laughter? connection?

I am shocked by the way that daily writing, for an unknown audience, has shifted my world.  It did not knock me over, although there were days that I obsessed over finding just the right word, but it did make me focus on each step I took, wondering if I was going to land on solid ground or if I was going to tumble forward, grasping in the darkness.  I both loved and feared settling into my computer, unsure of what was going to find its way to the screen and, also, what was going to open up deep within me.

I have always written.  Always.  But I have never shared the way that I have shared these past 31 days.   I am buoyed by the writing that has surrounded me for the past month and so I am reticent to continue just for me.  It brings me back to my very first post…wondering if what I have to write is worth being read.  For now, I’ll hit “publish” and share the link and settle into my day.  Tomorrow will need to take care of itself.


9 thoughts on “Standing on Shifting Sand

  1. I think my reflection on Day 31 of my first year was similar. We establish routines, for sure, and we also get more comfortable with the publishing thing over the course of the month. My favorite part of March, though, is how I notice more, take more in, reflect more. It’s a practice I try to come back to throughout the year. So glad you joined, and hope you’ll stay slicing on Tuesdays!

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  2. I am struggling with the same question. “Buoy” is a wonderful word for how lifted up I feel knowing I am writing as part of a community of writers. It’s hard to continue to write without that community, at least for me. April is a good month for other challenges (Blogging A-Z and National Poetry Writing Month). But somehow it doesn’t feel the same as slicing!

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    1. There is something special about slicing – this year in particular. I am drawn to the word BUOY also. I do hope that many keep writing and sharing their words. It is a powerful practice.

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  3. You have such a lovely voice in your writing. Thank you for painting such a nice picture and summing up the challenge. Bravo!


  4. So glad you were writing and stayed with it. We continue to post on Tuesday so I hope you will join us there. Keep writing – you have lots to say and are good at expressing your thoughts! See you on Tuesdays!

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  5. I’m glad you chose to share your words and put them out there. “Shifting sands” catches my eye and my imagination. For me it feels like an apt description if how the world really is and solid ground our hopes for what we wish life could be. To write, for me, is a way of acknowledging the shifting sands that are life itself. Thank you making our March adventure so much richer.

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  6. It has been such a pleasure to read your posts this month–I’ve looked forward to them, and sometimes saved them to comment on them last because I knew that whatever you posted I was going to be excited to read. I’ve also loved thinking about the craft of your writing. You’ve inspired me to think more about how I end pieces–I’m not as good as you (it’s a high bar!), but I’m working on emulating your craft. I’ve also loved getting to know you. I hope you continue posting slices in the weekly challenge. I’ll be looking for you!

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    1. Thank you so much! You have no idea how valuable your feedback has been and how much it meant to know that there was someone out there in the ether reading the words that I wrote. I also really appreciated getting to know you through your writing, just a bit. I’ll be there each week! Thank you, again.


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