Friday the 13th

It was a day.

Professional development.  Training for our upcoming computer based state testing that probably won’t happen.  Planning for project based learning and cross curricular planning that probably won’t happen.  Discussions around vertical alignment that didn’t happen because they were interrupted by the governor’s address.

Ratification of our proposed contract.  Questions asked by people who never attended informational meetings.  Questions that felt like complaints.  Questions that created defensiveness and divisiveness.  Silence that sat uncomfortably in the midst of it all.

Information.  Texts. Emails. News reports. Press conferences. Charts. Numbers. Statistics. Projections.

People.  My people.  Out in the world.  My healthy people and my not-so-fully-healthy people.  Out in the world.  Touching doorknobs.  Pushing full grocery carts.  Pumping gas. Breathing air. Breathing air.

It was a day.


5 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. I think it’s been a week and it was fast and slow all at the same time. However you look at it, it was draining. We made it! Happy weekend to you!

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