No Safety Net

At least two books in the possession of every student.  Check.

Writer’s notebooks going out with every student when they leave the classroom.  Check.

Lockers cleaned of food & wayward gym clothes. Check.

Plans & packet sent to copy center. Check.

Electronic platform ready to go if I have “go ahead” from district. Check.

Talked to kids.  Answered questions.  Reassured them.  Tried to give them some certainty in uncertain times.  Joked with them.  Sent them away.





4 thoughts on “No Safety Net

  1. Sounds like you did exactly what your kiddos needed you to do. We had a similar Friday – extended Morning Meeting starting with free dance to a few songs on our class playlist, a Q&A w the disclaimer that I am not omniscient (students mouths dropped in disappointment thinking I know it all!) and low-stakes academic material throughout the day so that they felt successful leaving school. We had little time to prepare as our news came out at end of the day, but it wasn’t a surprise. Now, the challenge will be to sift through all of the amazing opportunities that are flying out there in cyberspace! Good luck!

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  2. That’s a lot that happened! I hope you’re able to feel good about that. I’m stuck in the “sent them away” feelings, but this is a good reminder that there are lots of other aspects of that last bit of time with students that was valuable.

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