Bridging The Distance

Connections.  Elusive and present at every turn.  That is the thing with this new reality:  even though we are no longer physically connected, we are communicating.  The communication is intense–faces filling up my screen, phone buzzing at all hours, emails within emails within emails–and while the communication is often convoluted and bewildering, it is constant.

In the movie Ralph Breaks The Internet, the characters move through the wires and out into the great World Wide Web.  Their little bright blue lights shoot down from the video game, through the wire and out into the expanse of the internet.  I feel like that when I sit down to write.  As soon as I click “publish” I feel like my words fly through the wires and out into the great beyond; my words find your eyes and we connect.

I am not a fan of my new relationship to my digital devices.  It seems that my phone & my computer are never out of arm’s reach…and if they are, when I return to them, the “catch up” is enough to elevate my stress to levels that make me think the disconnect isn’t worth the cost of the reconnect.  But I also cling to the connection that these hold.  In our new world of isolation, the connection is all predicated on the digital.

I know that the time will come when I will know that disconnecting means connecting.  I will put my phone down for dinners with friends, leave it in the car at a concert and silenced in my desk when I teach.  My family will return to our “screen free” hours and days and I will forget my phone more often than I remember it.  But for now, the connections are purposeful and I am grateful.



3 thoughts on “Bridging The Distance

  1. Thank you, Amy for a month of writing. I, too, am struggling with the technology. I want to get away from it, but I’m drawn to it, and when I have no emails (because I’m checking every three minutes), I’m bummed because it is when I have the time to answer them. When I have 9 emails is when I get disappointed (and this is because I left my computer for 45 minutes). I look forward to the days that we can interact face-to-face with kids and our fellow teachers. Take care, and I will look for your writing on JDMS Writes!:)

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  2. I am of the same mind, this love-hate relationship with technology these days. Love the ability to stay connected from a distance, love the ability to get back to some semblance of work, but hate the constant intrusion. My nine to ten hour workdays are becoming more like twelve to thirteen…hoping it settles back down once we really get distance learning underway. Thank you for such a thoughtful final post of SOLSC!

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