Rubber Band Reality

“Balance? It’s overrated.” –Adam Ezra

It used to be that I could rely on at least a few things
         strong, bitter coffee with scavenged creamer
         at least one gut busting laugh at adolescent antics
         shared understanding without the need for words

I try to recreate some of it
I try to find familiarity
I try to connect without connection

Reality check:
           It wasn't always easy
           It didn't always work
           I didn't always like it

but it was predictably unpredictable 
and I knew the hours

I have lost all sense of balance
I am no longer drifting easily
                  but am yanked suddenly
                  and often without warning
back and forth
back and forth

It is not the gentle roll of a yo-yo
but the sharp snap of a rubber band
                        extended just to the brink
                        and then...
                        back again
The elasticity will wear over time
ultimately breaking


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