On Turning Fifty

On Turning Fifty

I think in bell curves lately
          wondering about the peak
          the length of the plateau
          the speed of the descent

From this height I can see the jagged line rising
(with small corrections along the way)
and the faded projections that didn’t come to fruition

By definition, a halfway point:
fifty percent of what has come to pass.

The future is a jumble of multicolored lines
          none bolder than any other
          each dependent on factors still unknown
          still an aggregate of hypotheses and hope

I want the questions of the future to balance the answers of the past
          a simple scale in perfect equilibrium
          the plotted points forming a clear picture

          but the data is still being collected.

6 thoughts on “On Turning Fifty

  1. I looked at the U of Washington projections last night while watching “TRMS” and was hoping they held answers. Unfortunately, they don’t hold answers since they don’t take present human behavior into account.
    {Huge sigh.}

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  2. Congratulations on 50 and virtual confetti in the air! Now to this perfect poem, the way it captures the times, yours personally, and everyone’s right now, “From this height I can see the jagged line rising”and “the future a jumble of multicolored lines,” uncertain because of the finale “data still being collected.”

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  3. Beautiful! I hope that ,as you begin the next half plus of your life , it will be exciting, fulfilling, and experiences beyond amazing. Xxxooo mom

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