A Thank You Note (of sorts)

There are days when the world is too big

too complicated

too much

When I long for a pause button

for time to be stopped…


but not forever…

There are days, months, years (and even decades, now)

that are full to the brim, spilling over, flowing one to the next and beyond

     eradicating time and the passing of time 

     moving beyond the speed of light

     sweeping me up into this tornado of life 

     swirling together all the contradictions that create the beautiful tensions of my life

And just when I begin to fully accept that the definition of a well-lived life lies somewhere within the intricacies of the infinite moving parts and that my purpose is to find the balance to keep it all synchronized in the unknown choreography of this dance…

You pull up your chair

You listen

You create

You grow

and then you move out into your own world, your own dance

And I am grateful for the time we shared


4 thoughts on “A Thank You Note (of sorts)

  1. Your phrase, “the tornado of life” is so true when I think about our students, our children, and all those we support on this complex and fast journey….that often …not just in 2020 seems like a tornado of life.

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  2. The last couple of weeks of a year are often a pause button for me. Christmas is pretty low-key at our house, and especially this year since we can’t do much with groups. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com

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  3. There is so much to love about this poem. I like the whirling, swirling, phrenetic pace of the first half – it’s mind-blowing to truly consider all that happening is happening with us, to us, around us.

    And then.

    The second half of your poem pulls up its chair, reminding us that even amid all of this about us, there are the moments we can capture with one another to listen, to share, to grow.

    Thank you for a beautiful slice.

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