Writing Territories…

Spaces to share, without apprehension:

  • ice skating with Jamie Roy in his front yard, a transformation of a city yard at 7 years old
  • late nights on Circle Drive, safe & belonging until it was no longer safe and I did not belong
  • Popponesset: summers of freedom; summers of premature adulthood
  • most of my childhood: meals, friends, family…but skating on the surface, just like the Roy’s front yard
  • incomplete dreams (careful of ones that reveal hope, leaning in to the lessons of failure)
  • philosophical contemplation informed by popular Buddhist culture (it’s a thing, I’m sure of it) and thoughts about quotes, memes and (short) poems

Spaces that are risky, potentially revealing something for those that care to look closely:

  • teaching 
  • learning
  • living
  • wondering
  • considering
  • hoping
  • accepting

Spaces that are off-limits, even to myself:

  • Life choices & different paths…visions of the life I’m not living     


4 thoughts on “Writing Territories…

  1. You are such an amazing writer. I love the threads that weave each list together and connect the lists. I don’t tend to think of lists as a way of writing a slice, but this piece makes me think of the “genre” totally differently and makes me want to play with my own lists. Thanks for the inspiration! That list of spaces that are risky is so powerful and beautiful.

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