Yesterday afternoon a 17 year old child was shot and killed by police. He was a former student of ours and he has siblings that are currently enrolled here at my middle school and at one of our elementary schools. According to news reports, he was shot by police who had come to assist a mobile mental health unit. According to the report, he held up an object that appeared to be a gun.

Yesterday afternoon our district’s superintendent sent out a survey to parents, informing them that we would be returning to 5 day a week, in person, learning and that the hybrid model would no longer be an option. Families would have to choose full time in-person education or full time remote learning for the remainder of the year. The move would take place as soon as possible.

As of 7:50am today, no information about either the death of one of our former students or the major change to in-person learning had been sent out by either the superintendent or the building principal.

I began my day with rumors and speculation and the grave realization, once again, that I do not matter. at least not to the people who make decisions.


8 thoughts on “Incommunicado

  1. This reminds me of conversations I’ve had with people who left the education profession not out of a single moment but after “a thousand cuts.” These two cuts hurt as they cut in the direction of your safety and your love of kids. I’m sorry your week is ending this way.

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  2. Oh what a tragedy, that young life and mental health implications as well. Is anyone paying attention? As to the second lack of communication, I am dealing with a similar situation. In this age of constant media, why? Too much and not enough. My thoughts are with you.

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  3. Incommunicado – the title says so much. As the decisions of your school and district leadership to not communicate directly or promptly about two issues which no doubt weigh heavily on their learning communities. These decisions point to a level of privilege and remove as you suggest. Systems are not built to enact care and we all suffer as a result. I am so sorry for the loss and shock in your community and hope that you are able to find ways to acknowledge the pain and worry which provide relief, clarity and a bit of peace. Be well.

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  4. I am so sorry about the student. This is tragic. I cannot help thinking about the terrible irony of this happening near a mobile mental health unit. The lack of communication for returning to in-person learning…there’s no excuse. How can people adequately prepare? That’s major! One of my colleagues said she’s so tired of system decision-makers acting like everything is normal. Lives and health and mental wellness are all at stake – communication is more vital than ever. I hope acknowledgement and counseling will be forthcoming in regard to the loss in your community. Wishing you strength – all of you.

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