And Poof…It is Gone.

I am at a loss for what to write and I have hit my Slice Of Life wall, as so many of us do during this month of March challenge.  My family is returning from a brief trip and I want to be fully prepared for their return.  I am sitting next to a pile of clean laundry that needs folding.  The dog sleeps, finally, on my left leg, having exhausted himself in the two hours after I came home, using up all the energy he collected during his exceptionally quiet day.  I have competing lists in my head….all the things I wanted to do while I had four days to myself and all that I did do during the four days I had to myself.  It is a battle of regret and appreciation. 

And now, I want to write…but I also need to fold the laundry, pick up a pizza, make the bed & put the dishes away.  I have had all the time in the world and now I am out of it. 


7 thoughts on “And Poof…It is Gone.

  1. Your slice placed us right there with you. This sentence really is true of our thoughts :”I have competing lists in my head…” when there is a lot to do, but I have never ever thought to admit it and write what I am thinking down in this way. Thank you

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    1. I liked the “competing lists” idea and the fact that writing seemed to carve out its place among the list-leaders. You in-the-moment slice puts just enough on paper to show your urgency to move beyond it to the other things calling you! Well done!

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  2. I have also hit my slicing wall, but I appreciate how you write about the moment you find yourself in. That’s proof that there’s always content, however, like said you need time too. Good for you for writing one more day even with all the things calling your attention.


  3. I was so tired earlier this week, after my son woke me up before the crack of dawn, that I almost wrote about doing the laundry and my newly discovered magical trick for sorting. It felt like a low point for me so I opted to write about the early morning wake-up.

    This is all to say that we’ve all been there!

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