My 6-Word Stream

((with thanks & apologies to Sherri Spelic for the inspiration!)

Commiserating with March…

When the rain falls, I dip.
As the sun shines, I rise.

Gray clouds loom on the horizon
Darkness is always swirling inside me.

Days grow longer and evening stretches
On this other side of mid-life.

The trees are brown and bare
Life is hiding deep inside them

I am gray with deep lines.
My body tells my story, incompletely.

March enters like the roaring lion
March exits like a gentle lamb

I have been here, roaring gently.
Perhaps the roar should grow louder?

…the weather shifts.
Day 2…SOL March Challenge

4 thoughts on “My 6-Word Stream

  1. Dearest amyilene,

    As I’m enchanted by the lyrical loveliness of your words, I feel that I mentioned this in times past, but I’m compelled to mention it again. Have you or are you considering writing a book?

    The cadence and context of your writing resonates with such vivacity! Your control is masterful, and you have clearly espoused the essence of that which is both meaningful and concise.

    I am so delighted to read your work again. It gives me pause, and I read it frequently in one sitting. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. You are an incessant inspiration.

    ~Dr. Brown

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  2. Oh, so beautiful. The interplay of literal and metaphorical is so gorgeous. The first stanza drew me in–I’m feeling that so strongly myself these days–but I love the rest of the poem and its exploration of March/internal struggles, too.

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