The Sweet Spot

I have reached that point in the month of March when I see writing everywhere.  I hear myself talking, and I think that I am really talking in metaphor.  I find myself observing life as I am living it and I stop to think about what is there.  I listen to hear what is unsaid.  I look to find what is lurking in shadows.  I try to find the silence in the noise.  Loitering on the periphery of my everyday world, I observe and contemplate that world with as much distance as possible.  Would that be best written about with humor?  Are there pictures that can accompany that idea to give it some grounding?  Is that trite? Predictable? Derivative? Cliché? How close to the dark truth do I want to go today…or ever?

I relish the silence and the opportunities to fully sink into my contemplation.  In a life full of people and conversations and sheer movement, I appreciate the gift of being able to stop and recognize when the world has receded temporarily and I am left with the space to discover these hidden treasures, finding a way to capture their depth with my fumbling words.  Cherishing this, I have, ironically, lost the “writing” time.  My clock ticks a bit louder, reminding me that there is a sink full of dishes, a house with others in need of attention, phone calls to return and texts to read. I try to transform my thoughts into words that will attempt to communicate this moment. I see the inevitable failure in this Sisyphean task.

Tomorrow is another day with another blank page to fill.


5 thoughts on “The Sweet Spot

  1. I always love your writing, Amy, and appreciate how you share the hidden treasures you uncover with your readers. I also love how the challenge does prime us to see writing opportunities everywhere. Happy writing!

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  2. I love the way you write/explain the magic of this March blogging phenomenon – “I appreciate the gift of being able to stop and recognize when the world has receded temporarily and I am left with the space to discover…” I haven’t quite gotten to that sweet spot, but I know it is coming. Lovely reflection!

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  3. I’m jealous. I was just thinking today about how I want to be in that spot but haven’t landed there yet. But I feel lucky that you’re there, and I get to read your writing!

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  4. Oh yes, the struggle is real! you express it so well. I was going to pick out a couple of your sentences, but I think they are all equally relevant. I especially love the phrases ‘loitering on the periphery’. We can all relate to what you are saying.

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  5. You used swirling thoughts, wondering where to begin, as the writing itself…love that, and you have accomplished it beautifully, neither “Derivative” nor “Cliché.”

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