In Visible Verse

Poetry Hides…In the worn sweater, threadbare and ineffective
			hanging with the memory of movement

It lingers…just out of reach, inside words I can’t grasp
				  inside lines that won’t form

It is buried deep within the embrace that lingers, long after you let go
						long after we returned to our lives
						    	after others filled that space

Poetry creeps out of my coffee cup
	alive with an agenda all its own

I see it clearly for a moment 		but then it escapes
barreling down the road
bouncing off guardrails 
				skidding through black ice 

	leaving behind the clarity of all that I don’t have to lose

Poetry hides…
			where it can do no harm.


One thought on “In Visible Verse

  1. So many beautiful lines! I love the playfulness of the title, and the image of poetry hiding in those old momentos and memories, and the line about poetry lingering in words I can’t grasp (indeed–it feels like that’s when poetry sometimes comes, when we need to feel around for words that circle what we mean to say), and then the ending with the poetry barreling, bouncing, skidding…. The more times I read this poem, the more I love it.

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