Multi-lingual Existence

How many languages do we really speak?  Yes, there are the words that spill from our mouths purposefully and, sometimes, without much purpose, and the words that fill our thoughts with all that is never said aloud.  There is the physical communication that we use, knowingly and unknowingly, whenever we move our body and limbs just so (a constant concern of mine when zoom became the modality of necessity and scrutiny became a ubiquitous pastime for so many).  We speak through music and art, through shared love and collective disdain.  We communicate volumes through our choices:  where to live, work, play.  We communicate volumes through our choices:  how we vote, how we spend money, how we make–or do not make– eye contact with strangers throughout our days.  We communicate volumes through our choices.


4 thoughts on “Multi-lingual Existence

  1. Choice as a language – interesting to ponder. I wrote about my privilege today. They are intertwined. Now you have me thinking about those intersections.

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  2. Oh, this is so interesting to think about. I love the idea of thinking about these as languages. The “shared love and collective disdain” is one in particular that I hadn’t thought of as a language.

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  3. I started this piece connecting to translation and how often I find myself lost in it living abroad, and I loved as it broadened to a more universal theme of how we communicate overtly and how the withholding of communication is its own form of communication. I’ll be thinking about all I’m saying today through things said and unsaid.

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