That time has come and I am done. I have given everything that I have away. I am depleted and everything aches, especially my heart. I question how I will ever return to the world, with coherent thoughts in my head and thoughtful words on my tongue. How will my legs hold me, propel me forward. How will my hands create, my fingers find letters and fresh perspectives. How will I be brave enough to rise with the sun and do it all again?


7 thoughts on “Night

  1. I slept a solid nine hours. I’m not bragging or rubbing it in. I only mention my solid sleep because it changed my whole day and gave me a new lease on life. And hope! My grandfather used to say, “Just go to bed… things will look different in the morning… I hope this is true for you!

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  2. I felt like this a few weeks ago, especially “I have given everything that I have away. ” I hope that with resting you’ve been able to come back into yourself and are feeling less depleted.

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