The House that SOL Built

It’s time to say thank you, but in the most selfish of ways.  I am thanking some amazing writers in this incredible community, but I am doing it so that I now have a list to return to when I need some inspiration.  You see, I have just spent the vast majority of my allotted writing time, and then some, going back through 30 days of blog posts from educators participating in the Slice of Life March writing challenge.  I have scrolled and rescrolled, clicked and skimmed and moved through dozens and dozens of blogs and blog posts….revisiting some from this past month and discovering a few new ones that I didn’t know were hiding.  

First, and foremost, a heartfelt thank you to the five incredible writers and educators who pulled this challenge together and provided what must have been an incredible amount of support for the bloggers who write well, but are technologically challenged.  There were many, many comments about how to post permalinks and find support!  And through it all, they wrote and commented and built the foundation for this house we all visited this month.  

Stacey at raisealithuman

Melanie at justwritemelanie

Beth at twowritingteachers

Betsy at imlivingmywords

Amy at amyellerman

Now for the writers who touched me deeply, somehow, and became a part of my daily routine.  I have subscribed to their blogs, searched out their posts and felt like I couldn’t really go to sleep until I had at least seen their title for the day.  There is so much talent and beauty in the words that you all put onto your pages, along with some great snarky humor and contemplative questioning, I am honored to share this space with you for the month of March.

Carla Michelle Brown

Eddie at Idealiotic

Natasha at Tendingbulbs

Mo at Makingitallup

Amy at Bluejeanamy

Elisabeth at dirigibleplum

Juliette at justgiftslife

Britt at multifacetedmusings

Vivian at mscheninthemiddle

MBHMaine (who is “Nix” in my head) at nixthecomfortzone

Alice at nerdsbegetnerds

Sherri at edifiedlistener

And then there are the writers whose names I am always drawn to each day when I finally post my own permalink.  A few are “first time” slicers and many are far more seasoned at this than I, but they make up so much of this community.  I have to admit, scrolling through to see who “jumps out” at me is one of my favorite pastimes of the month!

Darin at anaccidentalfarmer

Fran at franmcveigh

Glenda at evolvingenglishteacher

Lakshmi at mukhamani

Fran at litbitsandpieces

Kevin at dogtrax

Lisa at alotalot

Tim at timteach

humbleswede at humbleswede

Terje at justforamonth

Heidi at wordsmithing

Lainie at edsoapbox

Greg&Linda at wherewerv

MrBrackBill at carpefabula

To all of you who have shared this house with me, either in a lovely chair by the window, smushed up on the couch with some comfy pillows, or strolling about outside, contemplating the natural world with all its wonderful metaphors…thank you.  You make me a better writer and a better person.


5 thoughts on “The House that SOL Built

  1. Amy, I so, so, so appreciate this shout-out. I, too, love your reading your posts. Your posts get sent straight to my email! 🙂 I have a few to catch up on, particularly when I got behind while traveling haha. Thank you for always writing so honestly and so vulnerably. ❤

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  2. I always love reading your posts. I hope you continue posting on Tuesdays! I am going to be thinking of you and wondering how the rest of your year is going. I love how many of the names you listed are ones that are on my (mental) list. Now I’ve got to go seek out all the others. I think I have a lot more reading ahead of me! See–you never fail to inspire me! 🙂

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  3. It has been a great month, thanks for the links above, some of which I’m very familiar with, some not so much. I agree the writing of others is a fantastic stimulus and encouragement and often a way to find new direction and inspiration. Thanks for your insightful posts!

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  4. How honored I am to be on this post! You continue to be an incessant inspiration. I’m so happy we “met.” Your name and your essence as a writer are imbued with the purest insight imaginable. Thank you for sharing your heart.


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