Finding Order

The other day I came home to find my husband (my stay-at-home and take care of all things related to the household husband who is also homeschooling our three kids…a post for another day) washing all of the plastic containers that had been shoved into the bottom kitchen cabinet for the past several (thousand?) years.  The house was moving around him, as he stood at the kitchen sink, taking one brightly colored piece of plastic out of the sudsy water after another.  On either side of the sink, piles of plastic rose up slowly as we relayed the details of our day to one another.  When he was done, the piles stayed to dry, and we retreated to our life.

On Sunday morning, I returned to the scene, accepting that it was finally time to attempt to take all of the pieces and try to match them up.  Of course, the tops and the bottoms didn’t pair up simply; in fact, the tops vastly outnumbered the bottoms…begging the question about the location of the missing containers.


There are so many questions I have about the fate of the missing pieces…but tonight, writing this, I am thinking about the idea of partnership.  Obviously, the metaphors abound, but I think that tomorrow I will return to an earlier draft that pushes me out of my comfort.  Tonight, I will have to be satisfied with a clean cabinet and a bit of order.



7 thoughts on “Finding Order

  1. Ooh–I love that you put in that line about the metaphor of partnership. I was just thinking about the containers (I always have more bottoms than tops–maybe somehow container halves shift households and that’s why there’s never an equal match), but then your mention of the metaphors abounding makes me think of all the places this piece could go. You make me want to think more closely about the mundane objects in my life, to think about the metaphors that live inside them.

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  2. Thank you…I credit the focus on the mundane to my passion for poetry, in particular modern poetry and the uncanny way that poets have of uncovering the metaphors that hide around us.


  3. We have a half dozen water bottles that don’t have tops. How could my children lose the top of their water bottle? They ride in my van, play on a field, and get back in the van. There are no tops in my van, and I never see any on the fields/sidelines. A true mystery? I do sometimes wonder about the day that I find them (and how angry I will be:). Thanks for sharing!

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