Rest & Recovery

Two days ago I wrote about my sheer exhaustion at the end of the day. Then I slept. For over 24 hours I slept. I tossed and turned and knew that time was passing. I woke up to tend to my Critical Responsibilities (sub request; plans for potential sub or, more likely, one of my over-extended colleagues; texts & emails to people to make sure those two things were actually in place; at-home tests and an appointment for big test; peeing) and then rolled over, pulled up covers and kept on sleeping. Sleeping through the day. Through the night. Sleeping even when I was standing up and wondering about how all the things would continue without me. Sleeping to feed the exhaustion and hope that it would finally become sated.

No longer sleeping, but planning already to get back to it. Head feeling crushed by invisible vice…allergies? migraine? covid?? Waiting for test results and trusting that the world will indeed keep spinning without me there to witness it. Writing these words and questioning all the words that are still not making it onto the page.


9 thoughts on “Rest & Recovery

  1. You slept!! I am so happy for you. It sounds like you could use a few days of deep sleep. I hope you get good test results (no Covid). May the much-needed R&R continue!

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  2. Thank you for still finding time to capture this experience. I felt the disorientation of exhaustion with the nagging responsibilities of remaining present enough so things don’t fall apart. I hope you are resting and healthy.
    I relate to your description of headaches of unknown origin.
    “Head feeling crushed by invisible vice…allergies? migraine? covid??

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  3. Glad you took the time to sleep! I love your list of Critical Responsibilities–that parentheses, with the neat summaries of all that had to happen is so succinct yet spot-on with a teacher’s life. Hope you’re feeling better and that you can do more resting all weekend.

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