A New World

I have been on technology all day.  All. Day.  I just finished a zoom board of education meeting.  I was responsible for taking notes for our union.  My phone died in the middle and then I had only audio.  There were lots of numbers and lots of questions and very, very few answers.

I have been on technology all day.  All. Day.  Emails from parents.  Texts from colleagues.  Google classroom questions and updates.  Students waving to me virtually…but I can’t figure out how to wave back.

I wish I was holding a quill instead of a laptop.  I wish I was in the room with others and we could just talk.  I wish the world wasn’t spinning out of control.

Tomorrow is another day.

5 thoughts on “A New World

  1. Hi Amy, I’m reading your post a day late because I did the SAME EXACT THING yesterday. I had a practice board meeting to make sure that everyone could get on Zoom (it took 45 minutes – adults struggle, and in a few weeks, we are going to expect kids to figure it out without any glitches – yeah, right?). I spent the rest of the day sending emails and helping Tina B. with technology, and then, at 7:00, a virtual board meeting. Crazy! And I don’t know about you, but does it feel like the dates for normalcy are like a moving target – in three days, I have read articles where government officials claimed “12-18 months of this”, “4-9 months of this”, and yesterday, “15 more days” – I CAN’T KEEP UP.:)

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