A New World

I have been on technology all day.  All. Day.  I just finished a zoom board of education meeting.  I was responsible for taking notes for our union.  My phone died in the middle and then I had only audio.  There were lots of numbers and lots of questions and very, very few answers.

I have been on technology all day.  All. Day.  Emails from parents.  Texts from colleagues.  Google classroom questions and updates.  Students waving to me virtually…but I can’t figure out how to wave back.

I wish I was holding a quill instead of a laptop.  I wish I was in the room with others and we could just talk.  I wish the world wasn’t spinning out of control.

Tomorrow is another day.


5 thoughts on “A New World

  1. Hopefully tomorrow is better. Hopefully this is not our permanent new reality. Hopefully technology doesn’t drive you crazy! Your post communicates such emotion. Better day tomorrow 🙂

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  2. Hi Amy, I’m reading your post a day late because I did the SAME EXACT THING yesterday. I had a practice board meeting to make sure that everyone could get on Zoom (it took 45 minutes – adults struggle, and in a few weeks, we are going to expect kids to figure it out without any glitches – yeah, right?). I spent the rest of the day sending emails and helping Tina B. with technology, and then, at 7:00, a virtual board meeting. Crazy! And I don’t know about you, but does it feel like the dates for normalcy are like a moving target – in three days, I have read articles where government officials claimed “12-18 months of this”, “4-9 months of this”, and yesterday, “15 more days” – I CAN’T KEEP UP.:)

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