Clearly no one expected this
(Or at least no one who didn’t have a bunker full of canned goods):
Random acts of humanity, big and small
Other moments of connection, across seas and continents
Nations seeing themselves in the future or the past…
and no one really knowing what comes next.
Can we find the so-called silver lining?
A piece of beauty that wouldn’t exist had we not hit the pause button?
There is something incredible in the stillness:
I can take in everything, at my own speed
only moving forward when I am done with each moment.
Now that we have found this peace, how can we hold on to it?


*The forced “vacation” we are all on because of the Coronavirus



8 thoughts on “Coronacation*

  1. The “no one really knowing what comes next” is embedded in the background of my thoughts and what prevents me from fully being able to relax. I take solace in the fact that we are pausing, and hoping that we continue to do so until it is safe to hit play. Thanks for the reflection.

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